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Regulations on return / cancellation, cancellation, missed trips and car services (Valid for Valid Tickets only)

1. Buyers cancel tickets

After completing the payment of the ticket, your reservation is confirmed as Valid Ticket, but you can still cancel the booking.

Cancellation (except for holidays, groups or car companies that have their own policies noted), the buyer may lose a cancellation fee (calculated as a percentage of the original ticket price, ie the fare is not promotion, discount) subject to the Cancellation Time as follows:

  • Before 24 Hours before Ticket Departure Time: No charge
  • Before 12 Business Hours before the Departure Time of your ticket: 50%
  • After 12 Business Hours before Departure Time of ticket: 100%

"Cancellation Time" depends on the buyer's cancellation notice method, which is:

The time the buyer calls the hotline number 1900 1192/0925 525252 (8:00 - 22:00) (from 08:00 - 20:00 daily) to notify cancellation of tickets and be notified by the operator Nam Thang Limousine confirms the request; or

The time when the operator of Nam Thang Limousine call to confirm the cancellation of the buyer after the buyer has canceled the online order on Nam Thang Limousine system.

In case the buyer cancels the group tickets (the number of tickets canceled is greater than or equal to 5) and the tickets depart during the holidays (including at least 05 days before and after such holidays). Cancellation will be entirely decided by Nam Thang Limousine. When booking a group ticket or departure ticket for the holidays, Tet at Nam Thang Limousine, the buyer agreed and accepted according to all decisions of Nam Thang Limousine.

The mode of refund to the buyer is agreed upon by the two parties in each transaction. The transaction costs (bank, ticket delivery ...) will be borne by the buyer in case the buyer actively canceled the ticket.

2. Cancellation of tickets due to false information on the website

In case the product is out of stock or the price of the product does not display correctly on the website of Nam, depending on each case, Nam Thang Limousine will contact to adjust or notify the cancellation of the order of the buyer. We also reserve the right to refuse or cancel any order whether or not it has been confirmed or paid. In case the order has been paid and confirmed successfully, the buyer will be refunded 100% of the fare.

3. Garages canceled

In the event that the car company cancels a trip or service, Nam Thang Limousine will try to notify Buyer as soon as possible and endeavor to support Buyer to find a similar replacement service. If Buyer does not agree to use the alternative service, Nam Thang Limousine will refund 100% of the fare to the Buyer.

4. Buyer missed the trip

Buyers must be present at least 30 minutes prior to Departure Time to arrange luggage and seats. Nam Thang Limousine will not be liable if Buyer fails to comply with this request.

Pick-up times between buses are for reference only, as long-distance vehicles can vary greatly in time. Therefore, Buyers who book mid-flight tickets should contact Nam Thang Limousine in advance to get more accurate information on boarding time. If the Buyer of the mid-way ticket does not contact in advance, or Nam Thang Limousine cannot reach to pick up, Nam Thang Limousine will not be responsible when the Buyer misses the trip.

If the cause of the trip is due to the trip before the Departure Time or the car company has contacted the passenger to pick up in the middle of the flight without picking up the passenger, Nam Thang Limousine will refund 100% of the ticket paid to the Buyer.

5. Provisions on seats and other utilities on the vehicle

If the ticket has not been canceled before the Departure Time, Nam Thang Limousine is obliged to guarantee a sufficient number of empty seats on the vehicle corresponding to the number of Valid Tickets the Buyer has booked. In case the vehicle does not have enough seats corresponding to the number of valid Tickets and the Buyer refuses to use the service, Nam Thang Limousine will refund 150% of the paid ticket price of the Buyer.

If a Buyer makes a reservation with the desired seat position, Nam Thang Limousine will try (but is not required to) meet the Buyer's request.

Utilities such as Wifi, power outlet, or any other service on the car mentioned on the website are representative services, the most popular of the automaker. This information gives Buyers an overview before deciding to book. However, Nam Thang Limousine is not responsible for ensuring 100% of all vehicles meet this requirement. If the buyer has questions or complaints due to the lack of these facilities as well as the lack of quality of the car and service quality, the buyer can directly consult with Nam Thang Limousine or send a review. Car brand reputation on website.

Method of refund

Fares are refunded in cases where they are transferred to the bank account, debit card, credit card, or e-wallet account used by the passenger during the booking or otherwise agreed upon by the two parties.

Normally, your bank will need a few business days to credit the amount to your account or card.

In case the refund is not credited to the passenger's account within 05 working days, please email and provide cancellation ticket information. We will provide you with the support you need to help early passengers to receive the refund.

Transaction fees or ticket delivery fees will not be refunded under any circumstances.

or Call Us for Assistance at:

1900 1192


Office: 98 Hong Tien Street, Bo De Ward, Long Bien District, Hanoi