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This is the middle position with 4 seats. This is the best location of the limousine to Sapa

Ticket price: 370,000 VND / ticket

Limousine ride to Sapa is an inevitable trend due to the advantages of fast, compact and safe vehicles. On limousines, there are 3 classes of seats: the driver's side, the middle of the car and the rear of the car in which the middle seat is the most favorite position, the most spacious, the least car sick.


It can be said that the middle position of the bus is the best positi, the most comfortable in a limousine. Sitting in this position, customers will not get car sickness because this is a balanced position, not sluggish. In addition, guests can recline well, help be comfortable sitting on a journey of nearly 400km takes nearly 6 hours.


The fare is higher than other classes but really worth the money. If you do not freak out about the price but want to reduce tiredness and drunkenness, you should buy tickets in the middle of the bus

or Call Us for Assistance at:

1900 1192