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This is the class of accommodation at the back of the car that consists of 3 consecutive places. These 3 seats are not comfortable compared with the middle seat but the ticket price will be softer.

Ticket price: 320,000 VND / ticket

Limousine bus to Sapa is an inevitable trend due to the advantages of fast, compact and safe vehicles. On limousines, there are 3 classes of seats: the driver's side, the middle of the car and the end of the car in which the back seat is not like in the middle of the car but the price is very cheap.


The back seat price is quite cheap with only 320,000 VND / ticket (promotion period) compared to 370,000 VND / ticket of the middle seat. This is a quite reasonable price. In our opinion, if you want to choose a good seat for Sapa in a quality car at a reasonable price, you should choose the back seats of bus in the limousine.

car sick:

Although limousine are less likely to be car sick than sleeper buses, the reality is that passengers who suffer from motion sickness should not be seated in the last seat, and will be more likely to get drunk. You can choose the middle seat or driver's seat is the best

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