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General information

Nam Thang Limousine bus belongs to Hanoi Passenger Transport Joint Stock Company. The company was established in November 2019 with passenger transportation services Hanoi - Sapa and travel routes in the North. All of Nam Thang Limousine's buses are 9-seat Dcar busess which are also invested by the new company to serve tourists from Hanoi - Lao Cai - Sapa and other routes.

Nam Thang Limousine buses are Dcar types with 9 soft leather seats, large and large sizes. The VIP seats have armrest, can recline from 10 ~ 45 degrees depending on demand. The interior of the car is designed to be homogeneous and luxurious with wood grain, star ceiling and drawers, cup holders.

The bus is also fully equipped with the best amenities such as: Wifi, USB charging port right near the position of all seats, LCD screen, high-end speaker system, drinking water, free cold towels.

Nam Thang Limousine has 2 models of 9 seats: economy class and business class.

Nam Thang Limousine Car Office:

+ In Hanoi: 98 Hong Tien, Long Bien, Hanoi.

Bus routes, fares, departure time of Nam Thang Limousine bus are as follows:

> Hanoi → Sapa: VND 370,000 / ticket (VND 400,000 / ticket), 02 buses / day, pick-up at 6:15 - 6:45 and 6:45 - 7:15.

Vehicles with pick up at the lobby T1, T2 Noi Bai airport, an additional charge of 20,000 VND / ticket (paid directly to the driver).

> Sapa → Hanoi: VND 370,000 / ticket (VND 400,000 / ticket), 02 buses / day, pick-up at 14:00 - 14:30 and 15:00 - 15:30 in the lobby of hotels in town Sapa.

> Hanoi → Lao Cai: VND 370,000 / ticket, 02 buses / day, pick-up and drop-off at 6:15 - 6:45 and 6:45 - 7:15.

> Lao Cai → Hanoi: VND 370,000 / ticket, 2 buses / day, pick up at 15:30 and 16:30 at Ga - Lao Cai Square.

With group> = 3 people, free pick up and drop off in Lao Cai city.

* Note:

The ticket price is applied for 03 business seats at the end of the car, 04 VIP seats in the middle of the vehicle with an additional charge of 50,000 VND / ticket.

02 seats next to the driver sold separately when guests request, the ticket price is 300,000 VND / ticket.

Pick-up and drop-off locations must be on large roads, not clogged, and allow Limousine to operate.

Pick-up and drop-off time can be moved from 0 - 30 minutes depending on the location of pick-up and drop-off and actual traffic condition.

Nam Thang Limousine bus ticket booking phone: 1900.1192 / 0925.52.52.52 (07:00 - 22:00).

or Call Us for Assistance at:

1900 1192


Office: 98 Hong Tien Street, Bo De Ward, Long Bien District, Hanoi